Level Design Projects:

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Most Recent Project - Dragon Age: Escape from Tevinter

Level Design, Quest Design, Blockmesh, Level Scripting


PERSONAL PROJECT, July-August 2020: An Open Hub Level featuring a Non-Linear Quest based on Bioware's Dragon Age series

Uncharted Traversal Level

Mass Effect Combat Level

Level Design, Blockmesh, Scripting

Level Design, Blockmesh, Scripting

Uncharted Thumbnail.png

PERSONAL PROJECT, June 2020: A Traversal Level based on Naughty Dog's Uncharted Series

PERSONAL PROJECT, May 2020: A combat level based on Bioware's Mass Effect Series

Penguin Game

Penguin Thumbnail.png

Level Design, Gameplay Design, Blockmesh, Asset Placement, Scripting,

UNIVERSITY PROJECT, October-November 2019: A level for an original game concept. Created for university module "Level Design and Scriptng", Grade: A+

More Projects Coming Soon!



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