Level Design Projects:


Background music is me playing the mass effect theme on piano :)


Glorantha: The Errinoru Jungle

Dragon Age: Escape from Tevinter

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Level Design, Quest Design,

Blockmesh, Scripting

Level Design, Quest Design, Blockmesh, Level Scripting


PERSONAL PROJECT, November 2020:

An Open Hub level featuring a Non-Linear Quest,

set in Greg Stafford's fantasy world Glorantha, as used in RuneQuest

PERSONAL PROJECT, July-August 2020: An Open Hub Level featuring a Non-Linear Quest based on Bioware's Dragon Age series

Uncharted Traversal Level

Mass Effect Combat Level

Level Design, Blockmesh, Scripting

Level Design, Blockmesh, Scripting

Uncharted Thumbnail.png

Penguin Game

PERSONAL PROJECT, May 2020: A combat level based on Bioware's Mass Effect Series

PERSONAL PROJECT, June 2020: A Traversal Level based on Naughty Dog's Uncharted Series

Penguin Thumbnail.png

Level Design, Gameplay Design, Blockmesh, Asset Placement, Scripting,

UNIVERSITY PROJECT, October-November 2019:

A level for an original game concept. Created for university module "Level Design and Scriptng", Grade: A+

More Projects Coming Soon!



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