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- Level Design

- Level Scripting

- Mission Design

- Gameplay Prototyping

- 3D Modelling

- Texturing

- UV mapping


- Unreal Engine 4

- Unity

- Creation Kit

- Maya

- Photoshop

Hello there/Ciao/Bonjour!

I am a Level Designer with Skills in Scripting, Mission/Quest Design and Level Layout.

I also really enjoy designing Game Mechanics!

Video games have always fascinated me with their unique ability to give players a vivid experience in another world unlike any other form of entertainment, and it would be my pleasure to be able to work with like-minded people of all backgrounds to create these experiences!

I am always happy to work with others while giving and receiving feedback so we can all grow and improve as designers to create the best games possible!

In my spare time I enjoy playing piano, going for walks (and finding inspiration for game environments), and of course playing video games! Some of my favourites include the Mass Effect Trilogy, Dragon Age Origins, The Witcher Series, the Deus Ex games, and many more!

Headiadwdaaang 3

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