Group Project: The Apprentice - Level 1

A level made for university module Interactive Media Production, where myself and 7 other students were tasked with working together to create an original game prototype. We created 3 levels: A hub area, a tutorial section and Level 1. I was in charge of designing level 1

Synopsis: A apprentice potion maker goes to find ingredients while exploring ancient ruins and fighting cute but deadly monsters.

Objective: Collect all of the Ingredients

Location: Ancient Ruins in a fantasy forest

Gameplay: Item Collecting, Puzzle Solving, Light Combat.

Level Overview:

Estimated Duration: 5 minutes 

Tools Used: Unreal Engine 4, Maya

My Role in the Project:

- Designing and Greyboxing level ideas

- In charge of level 1 (based on one of my level ideas)

- Implementing Art assets into Unreal

- Assisted the Artists by creating additional Art Assets    and textures

- Providing input to the other level and game designers

- Receiving input from the other designers

What I DID NOT do:

- Scripting (done by our programmer)

- Animation (done by our Animator)

- Most of the 3D Models (done by our Artists)

- Most of the Textures (done by our Artists)