Boosted Rooster

An arcade flying game for Android Phones, first created as part of's online Unity 3D course, further developed as part of a university project. I used playtesting and data collection to make improvements throughout development.

Gameplay Trailer:

Software: Unity (C#)

Skills: Game/Level Design
           Game Programming
           Data Collection and Analysis

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The game is based on Project Boost from the unity 3D online course, which I used as the foundation for the game's design before applying my own unique spin to the concept. I significantly changed the gameplay by adding a mechanic which causes the player character to change size, allowing for many interesting situations.

Game Design Overview.png

Game Design Overview:

My main goal for the project was to balance the difficulty curve, by optimising the level layouts and the order of levels. To achieve this, I chose to gather the following quantitative data:


•Death Heatmaps (From colliding)

•Death Heatmaps (From Shrinking)

•Attempts per level

•Levels reached in a session

•Session Lengths

This data was collected so that I could see where and how players are dying. This allows me to determine which levels are the hardest to complete. Based on this information, the level order was re-arranged. Knowing which levels players reach before giving up gives a good indication of which levels are unfairly difficult.


Alongside this data, I also decided to obtain qualitative data in the form of feedback from players. I included a link to a feedback form with every new build, with the goal of obtaining the following data:

•Reasons for finding the game easy/difficult to understand

•Reasons for enjoying or not enjoying the game

•Bugs noticed

•Other general comments

New questions would be made as new features and changes were added in each build.

Data Collection:


Example Heatmap Results Summary (The red dots indicate where players died):


Video Demonstrating Changes made to the game:

Example Feedback Questionnaire results: