Tools Used: Unreal Engine 4

Plugins Used: Blockout Tools Plugin, Animation Starter Pack

Mass Effect Combat Level

Set During the events of Bioware's Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepard crash lands on the planet Asteria. After landing in a narrow canyon and surviving the crash, they must fight the enemy survivors of a nearby crashed reaper and find a way off the planet.

Objective: Find a shuttle to escape the planet

Location: Abandoned colony taken over by survivors of a crashed reaper

Estimated Duration: 5 minutes 

Gameplay: Ranged Combat, Traversal, Light Platforming 

Camera: Third Person, Over the shoulder

Level Overview:

Skills Used: Scripting (Blueprint), Level Planning and design, Level Blockout (BSP Geommetry, Unreal Landscape Editor)

Planning the Level:

2D map planning.png
FinalMap with writing.png

Level Breakdown:


1: At the start of the level, the player is introduced to the jetpack. The path is blocked so that they must use it to continue the level, ensuring that players are familar with the jetpack later.


3: Landmarks and Composition: When the player leaves the starting area, the colony (objective and focal point) is immediately visible. The reaper remains are placed to form a line guiding the player's eyes towards the colony.


2: After using the jetpack, a lone enemy approaches the player, to introduce combat. To keep this first fight easy and avoid frustration, the player character has the high ground.


4: The reaper serves as a bridge towards the objective. As the player traverses it, the combat begins to intensify, so cover is introduced. It also contains multiple jumps requiring the jetpack, to keep the gameplay interesting.


5: As the player crosses the reaper remains, the objective becomes increasingly visible. 

6: The colony section provides a more open combat space, with multiple paths to the objective, supporting different approaches to combat. LOOK AT IMAGE BELOW FOR MORE