Honours Project Blog 4 - Environment Demo and New Spells

Blog 4: 08/11/2021

Since the last post, I have made some modular static meshes, and put them into a small test level which demonstrates how my game environment will look. I have also implemented the barrier and charge spell.

The charge spell (Inspired by Mass Effect's Charge ability) works by shooting a line trace which only collides with enemy NPCs. If it successfully hits an enemy, the launch character function is executed in the direction of the enemy, while the field of view is massively increased to create a better feeling of speed. To stop anything blocking the player, collision is temporarily disabled during the charge.

Charge Script:

The barrier spell simply enables an "Invincible" boolean, before disabling it after 10 seconds. This boolean is checked every time the player receives damage, and it must be false to lose any health.

To make the environment, I started by building some rocks and vegetation using Unreal's BSP geometry tool and converting them into static meshes.

I then used "Blockout Tools Plugin" to build some modular walls, doors and windows which can be combined to form buildings. These buildings are examples of how the local architecture will look. I chose to use a similar colour to that of the rocks for worldbuilding purposes, as the buildings would likely be built using the rocks.

For the grass, I used the Interactive Stylized Lowpoly Grass pack and replaced the green texture with a red one.

My next goal is to finalise my test level for playtesting, and spend some time planning the world layout and some quests to fill it with, while creating more static meshes.