Week 10-12

Week 10-10: 11/12/2020

Having been busy with other projects recently, I was not able to get as much done as I hoped, so I decided to combine the last 3 weeks into 1 blog post.

I added new rooms to my test level, which make use of more of my mechanics. I still need to add a tutorial and design some rooms which make use of object destruction.

To limit the amount of cubes a player can have at any time, I created a force field which blocks cubes but not the player. The player will pass through a force field whenever they leave a room, similar to in the Portal games (valve, 2007 - 2011):

I intend to have the level ready next week to begin playtesting. After that, I will begin to iterate on the mechanic based on feedback.


Valve (2007 - 2011) Portal [Video game series]. Valve.


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