Week 13

Week 13: 22/12/2020

Earlier this week I noticed a problem where it was impossible to pick up objects from a height, which was making my test level impossible to complete.

I found that the cause of the problem was that the raycast from the player camera was not hitting the cube as it was already colliding with the player character's rigidbody. I solved this by setting the player's collision layer to Ignore Rigidbody:

After solving this problem I completed my test level by adding another room as well as an open room where the player is free to experiment.

I also made the decision to remove the ability to destroy objects, as destroying all the cubes in the scene would make it impossible to progress. A simple solution to this problem would be to add cube dispensers, but having infinite cubes would likely break the balance of the game. I decided to just remove it as there are no real benefits to destroying objects when the player can simply shrink them.

Test Level Walkthrough:

I plan to spend the next week getting people to test it and acquiring feedback, to make any necessary iterations before completing the project.


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