Week 14

Week 14 (29/12/2020)

This week I gave my prototype to classmates for testing. I also made a feedback form to see what aspects of the game needed improving:

Unfortunately, I only received 3 responses, so it was not possible to get realistic feedback, but it provided a good indication.

All players were able to reach the end of the level, and most of them found it easy to understand, even though none of them regularly played this genre of game.

I also gave the game to friends and family, and they were also able to complete the level without help from me, while also needing to stop and think multiple times (This is the intended experience).

With the prototype being more successful than I thought, there is not much that needs to be changed.

If I were to have more time to work on it, I would implement a way to rotate objects while lifting them, which would make it easier to use them for platforming:

Controls for rotating objects:

Rotate Clockwise: Shift + E

Rotate Anticlockwise: Shift + Q

Rotate forward/backward: Scroll Wheel


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