Week 2

Week 2: 02/10/2020

I spent this week experimenting with Unity and creating a mechanic prototype: A gun which makes objects larger or smaller:

Similar mechanics have been used in many other games, normally in combat scenarios, for example the shrink ray gun in The Outer Worlds (Obsidian Entertainment, 2019), which can be used to shrink enemies.

For this project I plan to take a different approach by designing the mechanic with puzzles and traversal in mind rather than combat, with a major inspiration being the Portal Gun from the Portal Games (Valve, 2007 - 2011).

For next week I will spend some time breaking down the mechanics of similar games and design a game concept to suit the mechanic.

I am pleased with what I have done so far, and I am excited to see how this concept develops!


Obsidian Entertainment (2019) The Outer Worlds [Video game]. Private Division.

Valve (2007 - 2011) Portal [Video game series]. Valve.


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