Week 4

Week 4 (19/10/2020)

This week I came up with additional features for my project and a game idea to provide context to the mechanic.

Setting: A space station which is quickly falling apart. The player must navigate their way to an escape shuttle.

Physics Blaster:

A device which can be used to manipulate objects in multiple ways:

- Grabbing and Throwing objects (like the gravity gun from the Half Life Games.)

- Altering the size of objects

- Destroying Objects: Changing an object's size charges up a progress bar. When the bar is full, the blaster can fire an explosive wave, destroying objects in it's path. This causes the progress bar to reset.

The 3 mechanics will be used in combination to traverse the space station and solve puzzles.

For next week I plan to implement a prototype of the the grab and throw mechanic into Unity. If I have time, I will implement the object destruction. (I already made the size mechanic, see week 2 blog).


Valve (1998 - present) Half-Life [Video game series]. Valve.


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