Week 5

Week 5 (23/10/2020)

This week I added grabbing and throwing objects to my prototype.

While I was doing this, I decided to add the ability to disable physics on objects, causing them to stay in place. In the context of a game, this would be used as a way of traversing the environment, as it allows to player to manipulate objects to form simple structures such as bridges and stairs. Physics can be re-enabled at any time.

I made the grabbing mechanic by shooting a constant Raycast from the player camera to detect objects:

If the player is in range of the object, Clicking the Left Mouse Button enables a Boolean which makes the object a child of the player camera, and disables all movement, causing the object to move with the object:

The method is based on this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv-c3-IOnM0

Pressing the right mouse button works the same way, but it does the opposite, causing the object to drop. Pressing R still removes the object from the camera, but the movement constrains are still enabled, resulting in the object floating in the air.

I plan to add a way to destroy objects next.

While I am very pleased with what I made so far, I think that the control scheme can be improved, as it uses too many buttons. The current key bindings (PC) are:

Left Mouse Button: Pick up object

Right Mouse Button: Drop object

Middle Mouse Button: Throw object

R: Disable physics

Q: Grow

E: Shrink

I aim to make changes to these controls in the future, to improve the user experience.

In the next few weeks I intend to block out a test level, to get an idea of how well this mechanic would work in an actual game, then continue to refine it.


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