Week 6

Week 6: 31/10/2020

This week I added the ability to destroy objects:

I also gave a feeling of impact to each shot by making it so that time slows down very briefly while shooting before returning to normal, using the timescale function:

I also added particle effects for destroying and throwing, and changed the shrink/grow effects to resemble a laser, to differentiate it from the shooting and throwing effects.

I finished off the week by adding sound effects. Growing uses the same sound effect as shrinking, but the pitch has been modified to make it feel different.

Sound Effects used: https://freesound.org/people/jgrzinich/sounds/377970/


I am going to spend the next week tweaking the game-feel and finishing my first iteration of the mechanic. After that, I will create a short test level to provide context. Once the level is ready I will begin playtesting sessions.


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